QUIZ night was fun at the Church of Christ the King on October 24.

Soft drinks, coffee and nibbles were tempting, while cheese and pineapple on sticks, crisps, sweets, chocolate bars and iced buns all disappeared in the interval.

Questions were asked under different headings and paper distributed to each table for recording answers. Responses were handed in and the results announced after each round.

The first 10 questions were general knowledge, starting with "Which king was in power in Judea when Jesus was born?".

Some rounds included questions about films. If only I had remembered the song Judy Garland sang about Christmas in Meet me in St Louis!

Some questions were about food and drink. Intriguing was "What combines with vodka to make a Moscow Mule?".

When it was time for the music round, I actually remembered that Mozart wrote the Magic Flute.

In science I guessed that a dragonfly had four wings. I remembered Patagonia was in south America, but not that the Cheviot Hills separate England and Scotland!

I knew the River Rhine rises in Switzerland, so why keep it to myself?

I do not do well on quiz nights, but others on our table did really well, so we won.

Everyone who took part had a good night and many thanks to all who helped to organise the event.

CHRISTMAS fayre at the Church of Christ the King is on Saturday, November 22, from 1pm until 4pm, with a raffle and charity stalls.

COUNCILLOR'S surgery this month is held tomorrow at Brighton Hill Community College, in the main reception, from 11am until noon. I look forward to meeting callers.