HOME Office officials today revealed they have still not finished their study of the the pros and cons of siting an asylum seekers' centre at HMS Daedalus.

The latest delay comes after four promises since February that the government would make an announcement "soon" and "imminently" about whether it intended to go ahead with the plan at Lee-on-the-Solent.

Home Office spokesman Peter Wilson said consultants were still analysing the site and its suitability for housing 400 male asylum seekers while applications are processed.

He said that only when the so-called technical report is finished could a decision be made on whether to apply for planning permission for the controversial scheme.

During a visit to the former airfield in May Home Office minister Beverley Hughes told the Daily Echo that a decision on whether planning permission would be sought would be made in a "matter of weeks."

In the same month a Home Office delegation led by project manager John Payne insisted an announcement would be made "soon" during a private meeting with Fareham Council leader Sean Woodward.

Today Cllr Woodward said the Home Office had once again failed to keep to their promise.

"I really don't know when the government is going to make clear its intentions," he said.

"But for the best part of a year 5,000 residents in Lee-on-the-Solent have had to put their lives on hold, not knowing what is going to happen."

Derek Kent, one of the leading campaigners of the Daedalus Action Group, which is fighting to stop proposals, said that the uncertainty meant people living in the seaside village could not make any definite plans.

"People's lives are on hold and they have been for a long time. Some residents want to sell their houses but are waiting to find out whether the accommodation centre is going ahead or not," he said.

"We have seen so many different timescales for a decision to be made.

"I don't think the government is really listening to us.

"They don't tell us anything about what is going on."

Action group committee members are continuing to meet every week to continue research into the impact of an accommodation centre on the local community.