SECONDARY schools in the area have recorded good exam results - with most continuing to exceed national standards.

Results published by Hampshire County Council show 57 per cent of young people in the county achieved five or more A* to C grades in this year's GCSE exams, four per cent above the national average.

The provisional figures also show 92 per cent of Hampshire pupils achieved five or more A* to G grades compared to 89 per cent nationally, with 90 per cent of those passes including maths and English compared to 86 per cent nationally.

Top of the class for this area was Test Valley School in Stockbridge, who saw 67 per cent of pupils gain at least five A* to C grades.

Headteacher Wendy Morrish said: "We had 67 per cent several years ago but we're five per cent up on last year.

"Unlike the national trend, our maths results were up and virtually everyone got up to their target."

Testbourne Community School in Whitchurch were slightly down on last year's record results but still saw 65 per cent of pupils achieve five or more grades A* to C.

Headteacher Hilary Jackson said: "Each year group of pupils and each set of results vary from year to year but what's important is that pupils of all abilities have hit or exceeded their own targets."

John Hanson Community School recorded its best ever results with 61 per cent of pupils gaining at least five A* to C grades.

Headteacher Steve Evatt said: "The results were expected because each year group is different.

"With all the testing we do now it was telling us that this year group should do very well and they did."

The Clere School in Burghclere improved on last year's figures with 56 per cent achieving five or more A* to Cs.

Deputy headteacher Rosemary Black said: "This is an eight per cent increase on last year's figures and reflects an outstanding value-added result, with youngsters achieving far beyond their predicted levels."

Winton School saw a six per cent improvement on last year's results with 44 per cent of pupils gaining at least five A* to Cs.

Headteacher Andrew Smith said: "This is a good value-added result and quite a lot of children have done well in relation to their ability."

Harrow Way Community School also recorded their best ever results with 39 per cent of pupils achieving at least five A* to Cs.

Headteacher Chris Overton said: "The 39 per cent is a big improvement on the last two years and the 90 per cent is our best result ever.

"With Andover schools you get a great deal of turbulence from one year to the next so it was what we'd expected in terms of prior attainment."