IT'S THREE down, three to go in the Human Zoo, with 22-year-old Sarah Hunt from Gosport becoming the third person to be evicted this morning, live on the Power FM Breakfast Show.

Sarah said: "I was a bit shocked - I thought I would stay in because I thought girls would keep me in but I mustn't grumble.

"I wanted to come out, it was too cold and I was sick of the food. I know I didn't stand a chance against Rupert because he has such a large fan base."

As the remaining contestants get closer to scooping £5000 and a luxury holiday in tomorrow's final, the competition is really hotting up.

Andy Telling, the zookeeper said: "They're only starting to realise that it is a game and they've got to play it. They are competitors and everyone wants to walk away with the money and the holiday. There's friction between all of them to some degree."

And the circumstances that the contestants find themselves in in the zoo - a conservatory complex in Whiteley Village Outlet Shopping - aren't helping matters.

Tim had received two strikes for smuggling cigarettes into the house but that didn't stop him from begging the zookeeper for a cigarette yesterday to help him cope with the stress of being up for eviction for the second time.

And the chemical toilet has also been causing problems.

"It should really be outside, not in the conservatory complex, and it's taken on a delicate aroma," said Andy Telling.

"It's become an entity in its own right."

Although initially the contestants said they had entered the competition for the experience as well as the prize, several of them have admitted that if it wasn't for the chance of winning the holiday and the money, they would have left by now.

Yesterday morning 25-year-old newly-qualified solicitor Kirsty Faichen was evicted from the zoo, but 35-year-old social worker Rupert Bolger, who was also up for eviction had to be persuaded to stay in the competition as he was intending to walk out.

The two up for eviction tomorrow are Martin Rowe, 21, from Hedge End, and, for the third time, lorry driver Tim Miller, 21, from Portswood.

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