A TEENAGER who went on a wrecking spree at a Portchester primary school has been ordered to pay £200 compensation to help cover the damage.

The 14-year-old admitted dripping paint into computer keyboards, letting off fire extinguishers and stapling toys to the walls during the break-in at Wicor Primary School.

The boy from Portchester, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and his 15-year-old accomplice, who also cannot be identified, entered the school through a broken window some time between October 10 and October 13.

Police were able to trace the youths after they took pictures of themselves during their wrecking spree and left the camera at the scene.

Janice Battle, prosecuting, told how, once inside, the pair poured paint over the floor, let off two fire extinguishers, smashed the school guitar and poured paint into keyboards.

They both daubed their names in graffiti on the walls and one of them defecated in a classroom.

The school was left with a £2,000 repair bill.

Youngsters aged seven and eight were forced to have their lessons in the school hall while staff helped to clean up the mess.

Both boys pleaded guilty to entering the school as trespassers with intent to cause unlawful damage.

Stephen Bentley, mitigating, said the 14-year-old suffered from attention deficit disorder.

"He says he is very sorry for what he has done."

The youth told the court: "We did not have a clue what we were doing.

"We were smoking pot."

Asked by District Judge John Woollard why he caused the damage the youth replied: "I don't know."

He added: "I knew what I was doing was wrong but it seemed like something to do at the time."

A request by the Daily Echo to have reporting restrictions lifted was turned down by the court because the boy has no previous convictions.

Judge Woollard imposed a nine-month referral order on the youth, which means he will have to have regular meetings with a special youth offending team.

He was also ordered to pay £200 compensation at a rate of £10 a week.

The judge adjourned the sentencing of the 15-year-old from Fareham until November 19 to enable pre-sentence reports to be compiled.