IT IS DAY Eight of the Human Zoo and recently-qualified solicitor Kirsty Faichen, 25, from Gosport this morning became the second person to be evicted.

She lost out in the public vote to social worker Rupert Bolger, 35, and left her home for the last seven days - a conservatory complex in Whiteley where six contestants had been taking part in Power FM's ten-day popularity contest for the chance to win a luxury holiday and £5,000.

The next two housemates nominated for eviction tomorrow are Sarah Hunt, 22, from Gosport and lorry driver Tim Miller, 21, from Portswood, Southampton, after they finished last in a general knowledge quiz this morning.

As was reported in yesterday's Daily Echo, hairdresser Carley Jelliff from Hilsea was the first person to be evicted from the zoo when she lost out to Tim in the voting. Tim also took a step towards leaving the house himself when he received his second strike for smoking. He had been caught smuggling cigarettes inside and yesterday he and Sarah were caught smoking in the ladies' toilets. If he receives another strike he will be thrown out of the zoo.

After coming out the house, Carley said: "Cracks are beginning to show in the house. People are beginning to gang up and trying to swing the voting."

Yesterday the contestants had a surprise visit from pop star Lemar who appeared on Fame Academy and shot to number two with Dance With U. Lemar gave the contestants a copy of his new single and set them the task of learning it and performing it back to him. He was pleased with the results and they were rewarded with a PlayStation and a dance mat.

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