POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a Basingstoke woman had her handbag stolen from her car when she went to the assistance of a lost motorist.

The incident occurred at 7pm last Monday as the woman, a 48-year-old from Chineham, was in the car park near the Tesco store at Chineham Shopping Centre.

As she tried to reverse her car, she noticed a car parked behind her, preventing her reversing.

A man then tapped on her window and asked her for directions to Hungerford.

The man claimed that he could not understand English very well and asked the woman if she would give the directions to a second man who was sat in the car parked behind her.

The woman went over to the second man and offered assistance. Shortly after, the two men then left in their car and the woman returned to her own car and drove home, where she realised that her handbag and its contents, including her purse, credit cards, passport and mobile phone, were missing.

The woman described the men as of dark, European appearance, both with strong Mediterranean accents.

The first man is also described as aged between 30 and 40, of stocky build, with dark brown hair and sideburns.

He was wearing a beanie hat and a light coloured anorak. The second man is described as aged between 24 and 29, with short dark brown hair and clean shaven. He was wearing a dark cotton or woollen jumper.

The victim has not been able to provide a description of the car the men were driving.

This incident is being linked to similar incidents in Surrey and Sussex.

Anyone with information on the two men is urged to contact Basingstoke police on 0845 045 45 45, or the anonymous Crimestoppers number on 0800 555 111.