THE Pukaar Project hold their third Pukaar Curry Party at Southampton's Maple Leaff Club at The Polygon on September 25.

Headlining are Romail Gulzar's eight-piece Bhangra band Pukaar with more entertainment coming from rock and soul artist Felicity and guest singer Neil Maddock.

Pukaar is the brainchild of songwriter Romail Gulzar from Pakistan.

His passion and vision has created a unique multi-cultural experience, culled from his traumatic but inspirational history creating music worldwide over the last decade.

Romail said: "The name Pukaar means literally 'called to call'. If you call out a message to someone, they call out the message to someone else.

"Pukaar is all about communication through music - that's why there is a photo of a satellite dish on the home page of our website. We intend to spread the message of our music as widely as possible."

Romail formed Pukaar in January 2002 with the intention of producing traditional Bhangra music with a contemporary touch. They went on to take their highly danceable, energetic act to 28 venues all over the country last year.

Ricky, 15, beats out the rhythm on the massive dohl drum, while Romail MCs.

Pukaar's music is all about building bridges in the community.

With the help of their sponsors, the City Life Church Clear Project, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Learning and Skills Council and the European Social Fund UK, they are able to play some gigs for free to raise money for charity. Tickets for the Maple Leaff gig cost £10 and include food. For more information call 07762 114523 or visit

Pukaar also play at the YMCA Open Day talent contest in Southampton between noon and 2pm on September 24.