Saints have defended their decision to move a group of Millwall supporters into a section designated for home fans on Saturday, saying it diffused a potentially volatile situation.

The Echo has fielded a string of complaints from angry Saints fans who felt their safety had been compromised by the presence of Millwall fans in the home section.

But the club defended the move in a statement, saying: "Due to safety concerns in the visiting supporters section of the ground immediately after kick off, it was necessary to relocate a group of Millwall supporters into the lower rows of blocks 1 to 3 in the Itchen Stand for a temporary period.

"This was done in a safe and controlled way and diffused the situation successfully despite Millwall scoring during this time.

"Around 30 Saints fans were moved to spare seats higher up in these blocks and the group of Millwall supporters were closely policed and stewarded in the front 8 rows of the blocks until half-time when they were moved back into the visiting supporters section.

"This proved to be the correct course of action at the time as the situation became calmer with all supporters able to enjoy the remainder of the match safely."

The club also said that rumours of Millwall fans getting in for free and trouble in the vicinity of the ground were completely incorrect.

The Echo was also contacted by Saints fan Grant Ross, who has sent a letter of complaint to the club.

In his letter, he writes: "As season ticket holders, who have also been guests in the corporate boxes, my 14-year-old son and I were at the game on Saturday.

"Situated as we were in row KK seats 94 and 95 in the Itchen stand we are only three rows in front of the Corporate Boxes.

"Hopefully you (Saints) will have had reports from your stewards and the police about the fighting that went on between so-called supporters in our area and so-called corporate guests.

"Both sets were the worse for alcohol and both were baiting the others.

"This went on from before half time and got continually worse until actual fighting broke out on at least three occasions.

"My concerns are these:-

"Why is there no effective stewarding of the guests in the corporate boxes?

"What were the stewards and police doing when all the shouting, bad language, arguing and gesticulations were going on?

"If these people had been evicted earlier this would have diffused the situation.

"One supporter two rows in front of me stood for at least three minutes ranting at people in the boxes behind us.

"Every second word was a swear word and he was trying to provoke a fight.

"Do you believe that as customers we should have to put up with this sort of activity?

Why must we put up with this type of behaviour without timely effective action being taken?

"Why are stewards not instructed to stay in amongst a crowd where violence has taken place?

"Did they back off because Corporate guests were involved?

"When I have been in the corporate boxes the stewards before the game are quick enough to enforce the rules about where and when you can drink and smoke. Where were they when the problems arose?"