SEX, rock'n'roll and Christine Hamilton - the latest Mayflower blockbuster has got it all.

Now into its 30th gloriously tacky year, The Rocky Horror Show - brainchild of former Crystal Maze presenter Richard O'Brien - is still one of the silliest, sexiest and most entertaining shows around. What other musical can you think of that actively encourages - and succeeds in attracting - audiences dressed as maids, mad scientists and cross-dressing aliens?

I must admit, it was the first time I've ever been to the theatre wearing a mini-skirt, shiny tights and enough make-up to make Boy George look plain. But the experience was all the better for it. A bit of gender-bending audience participation is all part of the traditional fun attached to this uniquely anarchistic show.

The success of Rocky Horror, currently starring Neil and Christine Hamilton as the narrators and Robbie Wiliams' best mate Jonathan Wilkes as bisexual extraterrestrial Frank N Furter, isn't hard to see. It's certainly nothing to do with the plot, about a couple of super-straight newlyweds who seek shelter from the rain in Frank N Furter's unconventional household and end up getting bent out of all recognisable shape.

It's more to do with doing what you really want to do and not giving a damn (something most of us can't get away with in real life). Frank N Furter, played with teasing brilliance by Wilkes, is a weird, androgynous character who seems to fancy anything with a pulse. He has even created his own fantasy lover - the somersaulting, super-fit Rocky (Graham Tudor). His one aim in life is to satisfy his carnal desires - and this he does with a vengeance. As one of the show's most memorable songs insists: "Don't dream it - be it."

On top of this, you've got some timeless rock'n'roll tunes - including a chance for a few pelvis thrusts during The Time Warp - and Neil and Christine Hamilton, now officially the campest couple in celebrity-dom. Nothing is beneath their dignity - and how we love them for it.

If this isn't the perfect adults-only night out that doesn't involve Jim Davidson, I don't know what is.

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