JUST one in three people in Hampshire want Britain to go to war with Iraq, a Daily Echo survey has found.

We asked 1,000 residents whether our troops should be part of a second Gulf War in 12 years, in the biggest survey of opinion in the county.

Only 32 per cent gave their backing to military action against dictator Saddam Hussein while 53 per cent were opposed. The remaining 15 per cent had yet to make up their mind.

The result was revealed as anti-war protesters stepped up their campaign in Hampshire.

Greenpeace activists used the Rainbow Warrior ship to blockade Marchwood military port.

Demonstrators climbed on the military supply ship Magdalene Green spraying the slogan "no war" on her side and two protesters were arrested.

The ship was this morning anchored off the Isle of Wight and the Greenpeace crew said they were considering their next move in the protest.

A spokesman said: "We managed to blockade it for a day. That in itself will not stop the war but does slow down the momentum towards it.

"We feel we have made our point.''

An MoD spokesman said: "Greenpeace, like any other lobby group, are able to demonstrate peacefully.

"But if they cause hindrance to operations then the port authorities will need to take action."

Full story on pages eight and nine of tonight's Daily Echo.

PROTEST: Greenpeace activists take their message to Southampton Water yesterday.