The final day of the resumed Orange phone mast inquiry was dominated by fears that Western Primary School, in Browning Drive, Winchester, may lose many pupils.

Headteacher, Lorraine Smith, spoke on Friday of her concerns for the school should the phone mast get the go-ahead.

"If the mast is erected a number of families have said they will move away and other parents have said they will send their children to other schools. This could place the school in a difficult financial position. This would have a detrimental effect on the standard of education we could provide to all our pupils."

She said the school had received funding to build more classrooms, to increase the number of pupils from 326 to 420. There are currently 391 children on the roll.

But as the amount of cash the school receives depends on the number of pupils, they could soon see the money dry up.

Mrs Smith added: "As a headteacher of a primary school I have a number of key roles and responsibilities. One of my main concerns is the safety of my pupils and staff.

"The proposed mast has caused a great deal of anxiety and disquiet among the parent body."

The inquiry was adjourned until March 14th, when Winchester City Council, mobile phone giants, Orange, and the protest group, AABAM, will make their summing up speeches.