Four months after falling 13ft through the roof of a building at King's Somborne, a man was still undergoing treatment, a court heard yesterday (Thursday).

Ian Richard Hulks (25), of Springvale Road, Kings Worthy, near Winchester, injured his pelvis and fractured his elbow, said Michael Sarson, Health and Safety Executive inspector.

"The elbow fracture was severe," Mr Sarson told Southampton magistrates.

Malcolm Ellis (69), a partner in M.J. Ellis Manufacturing, the company engaged to remove the roof of one section of the AWD Engineering factory, admitted failing to ensure that Mr Hulks was not exposed to risk while working on the roof.

Ellis, of Devizes Road, Salisbury, was fined £18,000 and ordered to pay full costs, of £1,284.

Mr Sarson said the accident happened soon after work started on the job on September 2nd last year.

Ellis was working with Mr Hulks, whom he had sub-contracted, and an 18-year-old employee, and, although four wooden planks were placed on the roof, the three men also walked on the fragile roof, he said.

"The standard of precautions provided fell far below what has been accepted in industry over many years."

Catherine Peck, barrister for Ellis, said he had immediately admitted responsibility, co-operating fully with health and safety throughout.

It had been his firm's first reportable incident in his 30 years in business and he was very remorseful, she added.