A BID by a retired Hampshire man to claim thousands of pounds in compensation after suffering so-called 'economy class syndrome' has been blocked by the High Court.

John Coggins, of Old Street, Fareham, claims to have contracted the potentially-deadly deep vein thrombosis (DVT) while flying to and from the Far East on Singapore Airlines.

Mr Coggins, 63, was among a group of 55 people seeking damages from 27 airlines over an alleged breach of duty of care.

But all were left disappointed after High Court judge Mr Justice Nelson refused to allow more time for the claimants to compile a case. He said: "I am satisfied that it is appropriate for the line to be drawn. The line should be drawn now."

His ruling against the compensation bid came hours after an Australian court cleared the way for another group of passengers to sue airlines in a similar case.

At his Fareham home a disappointed Mr Coggins said the case was a personal matter but made no other comment.

Although Mr Justice Nelson did give the claimants leave to appeal his decision Mr Coggins refused to confirm if one was likely to be lodged.

DVT has already claimed the lives of more than 40 long-haul airline passengers worldwide. The illness occurs when the flow of blood is restricted through veins and a blood clot forms.

It has been dubbed "economy class syndrome" because it is feared cramped airline seats can cause the problem, particularly on long haul flights.