THE Levellers returned to Southampton to prove they are still as popular as they were in their heyday of the late 1990s.

Southampton Guildhall was packed out with a mix of students and ageing hippies.

One Way of Life, What a Beautiful Day and The Boatman, were just some of their old classics they belted out to the crowd's delight.

Last night's visit to the city also provided the perfect opportunity for an airing of their latest mastermind - their seventh album - Green Blade Rising.

Everyone was on their feet, not just those at the front, as the whole crowd bounced along into the night.

The temperature rose but those at the front were just about able to keep their cool as bouncers hurled pint upon pint of water into the crowd.

Lead singer Mark finished off the evening with a second encore, a light ballad assisted only by fiddler Jon Sevine.

Time may have aged them but the Levellers still know how to play and entertain a live audience.