ANDOVER MP Sir George Young has welcomed Hamp-shire County Council's pledge to reduce the speed limit of certain sections along the A343.

Sir George contacted county surveyor John Ekins following the death of Troy Parker, who died after his bike was in collision with a car at the Greenwich Way junction.

The MP asked whether further safety measures could be introduced on the stretch of road from the Tesco roundabout to the edge of Andover. In a letter to the MP, Mr Ekins said a further review of the A343 had been carried out.

"You will recall that the analysis of injury incidents reported to the police did not, in spite of the recent fatal accident, show a serious accident record overall," he said.

"It would therefore be difficult to justify a high priority for extensive measures as part of our casualty reduction programme. But I can advise you that we have been able to include a scheme in our traffic management programme to introduce new speed limits on all of the Andover ring road network and on the presently unrestricted section of A343 where it passes the King Arthurs Way estate."

The plan is for the section between Enham Arch roundabout to a point north of Smannell Road to become a 40mph limit with the section northwards to the end of the development of Icknield Way becoming a 50mph limit.

The speed limit changes should be implemented towards the end of November. Mr Ekins added the River Way signal junction is currently being redesigned to provide pedestrian facilities as part of an agreement with Tesco.

Sir George said: "I was very pleased to see that they have undertaken a further review of safety issues and have decided to introduce some speed restrictions. It was also helpful to have confirmation that the traffic signals will be redesigned to provide pedestrian facilities on all four arms of the junction at River Way."