THERE'S a stark warning to rabbit owners in Andover to get their pets immunised following the death of two family rabbits from the highly contagious myxomatosis disease.

The eight-month-old dwarf lops were put down within days of each other after contracting the condition, while hutched at their owners home in Newcomb Close.

"I noticed the first rabbit looking a bit snuffly and by the next day it had gone to pieces," said owner Louise Baber.

"I took her to the vet immediately but she had to be put down. The other rabbit was fine at the time and she was inoculated but unfortunately she too had to be put to sleep five days later," she added.

Myxomatosis is a viral disease, which grows in the skin of rabbits and is the biggest killer among wild and pet rabbits. "I'd urge all rabbit owners to protect their pets by giving them the jab. Unfortunately once a rabbit has caught the disease it's almost always fatal," said Strathmore vet John Rogers.