A SPECIALIST negotiator was called in by Andover police when a teenager threatened to jump from Andover's Redon Way railway bridge on Tuesday morning.

The main railway line in both directions was closed for two hours, a train travelling towards Waterloo was stuck in Andover railway station for the duration and Redon Way was also closed in both directions for the whole period.

Sgt Kevin McCarthy said all officers on duty at Andover police station were deployed including the Superintendent.

The youth, who was sitting on the edge of the bridge, was crying and very upset and the negotiator went up on to the bridge to speak to the youth.

"In the end he indicated that he was not going to jump but that he did not want us to be there," said Sgt McCarthy. "So we backed off and let him run off."

The police know who the teenager is and have contacted social services to follow up.