THE Ultimate Elvis? Well, that would be Elvis himself, wouldn't it?

Semantic quibbles aside, Heath Ashton is at the more convincing end of the Presley impersonator range.

Where most pretenders to the King's throne end up reminding you of Elvis's brilliance only through the pitiful nature of their own performances, Ashton does one of the most accomplished imitations you could wish for. Diehard fans might disagree, but, as far as I could see, he's got everything more or less spot-on.

Voted the nation's number one Elvis impersonator in a competition run by GMTV, Ashton was backed in this one-off performance by an impressive 12-piece orchestra and a trio of singers.

Ashton gave a performance that was convincing enough to get much of the audience decidedly hot under the collar.

A certain suspension of disbelief is required, of course. But if you're happy to play along with the game, you won't find a better Elvis tribute show than this.