Phantom of the Opera On Ice, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

If ice dance judges were scoring the Phantom of the Opera On Ice, they would surely award perfect sixes.

It may not be on such a grand scale as last year's musical, but the Russian Ice Stars' production at the Mayflower, Southampton, is no less impressive.

The Andrew Lloyd-Webber score is replaced by Roberto Danova's atmospheric offerings which alternate between pulsating beat and haunting melody.

But it is the dancers who shine. Superbly choreographed, they combine ballet with aerial gymnastics in spectacular set-pieces.

Alexander Svinin is sound as the Phantom while Stanislav Voituk plays Carlotta for laughs.

Mr and Mrs Midnight, Vadim Jarkov and Maria Orlova, perform remarkable gyrations to bring gasps of admiration. As for the star of the show? They think it's Orlova - it is now!