WORRIED Locks Heath parents fear a plan to move a toddlers' play area could put youngsters in danger.

The playground at Poppy Close is popular with children, but Fareham Borough Council is thinking of moving it to a more central position near Priory Park community facilities and bowling green.

Residents have been asked for their views on a possible move as part of a council consultation to upgrade play areas.

But Locks Heath residents are unhappy with the proposal and mother-of-four Angela Whitworth has branded it as stupid and a waste of money.

Mrs Whitworth, of Poppy Close, declared: "People I have spoken to think it is a complete waste of money and dangerous to put small children near a busy car park.

"I am worried children could be in danger from cars because the car park is always full up. People using the bowling green and community groups park there.

"The present play area is close to homes and is safe. It is well away from the road. It seems crazy to move it to a busier area where traffic could be a danger - and where some weirdo could easily pull up and grab a child."

She was also concerned that the council was considering using the toddlers' play area for older children - a move which could lead to noise disturbance for residents nearby.

Locks Heath councillor Ruth Godrich stressed it was only a proposal and the council would listen to residents' views.

She emphasised that the safety of children was paramount and nothing would be done to endanger them. There would be no question of a play area being allowed where children would be in conflict with cars.

She pointed out the Poppy Close play area was out on a limb and the council had been advised to site play facilities in more central areas, but she added nothing would be done until residents had been consulted.