Pick of the flicks showing in the Hampshire region this week

102 DALMATIONS (U)**: Glen Close and Gerard Depardieu in Disney's sequel - Odeon, Southampton; UCG Southampton; The Screen, Winchester.

ALMOST FAMOUS (15)***: A 70s group reach for fame - Odeon, Southampton; UCG, Southampton.

BILLY ELLIOT (15)****: A young boy discovers he has a talent for ballet dancing - Odeon, Southampton.

BOUNCE (12)**: Romantic drama with a twist - Odeon, Southampton.

CASTAWAY (12)***: Tom Hanks is shipwrecked on an island - Odeon, Southampton; UCG, Southampton.

CHARLIES ANGELS (15)***: Re-make of the classic 70s TV series - Odeon, Southampton.

CHICKEN RUN (U)***: Nick Parkes animated film - Odeon, Southampton.

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (12)***: Martial arts epic - Odeon, Southampton; UCG, Southampton.

DISNEY'S THE KID (PG)*: A child helps a cynical image consultant find what's missing in his life - Odeon, Southampton.

DINSOSAUR (PG)***: Children's film - Odeon, Southampton; UCG, Southampton.

FLINSTONES VIVA ROCK VEGAS (PG)**: Children's film - Odeon, Southampton.

THE GRINCH (PG)***: Christmas tale starring Jim Carrey - Odeon, Southampton; UCG, Southampton.

THE LITTLE VAMPIRE (U)**: Children's film - Odeon, Southampton.

MEET THE PARENTS (12)****: Comedy starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro - Odeon, Southampton.

MEMENTO (15)***: Thriller/drama with a twist - Odeon, Southampton.

PAY IT FORWARD (12)***: A young boy comes up with a scheme to change the world - Odeon, Southampton.

QUILLS (18)***: Starring Geoffry Rush,Kate Winlset and Michael Caine - Odeon, Southampton; The Screen, Winchester.

THE ROAD TO ELDORADO (U)**: Animated film - Odeon, Southampton.

SEXY BEAST (18)***: Macabre comedy with Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley - Odeon, Southampton.

STUART LITTLE (U)***: Fairy tale story of a mouse adopted by a family - Odeon, Southampton.

SUZHOU RIVER (12)***: Chinese thriller in the style of Vertigo - Odeon, Southampton; Harbour Lights, Southampton.

TRAFFIC (18)****: Realistic drama of American drug war - Odeon, Southampton; UCG, Southampton; Harbour Lights, Southampton

UNBREAKABLE (12)***: Starring Bruce Willis who mysteriously is the sole survivor of a train crash - From the makers of Sixth Sense and starring Bruce Willis - Odeon, Southampton; UCG, Southampton.

UNDER SUSPICION (15)***: Starring Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman - Odeon, Southampton.

VERTICAL LIMIT (12)**: All action movie with mountains - Odeon Southampton; UCG, Southampton.

WHAT WOMEN WANT (12)***: Comedy/romance starring Mel Gibson and Mel Hunt - Odeon, Southampton; UCG, Southampton; The Screen, Winchester.