Old Time Music Hall: The Players' Theatre Romsey Plaza, Tuesday to Saturday

GOOD entertainment doesn't come with a sell-by date - and if it's proof you want, look no further than the Players' Theatre.

Based beneath the railway arches of Charing Cross Station in London, where the constant rumble of passing trains adds an extra dimension of atmosphere, the Players have been dispensing traditional "Good Old Days"-style Victorian music hall entertainment since 1936. Past Players have included Peter Ustinov, Clive Dunn, Hattie Jacques, Bill Owen and Millicent Martin.

A typical Players performance involves plenty of songs and comedy and audience participation, presided over by an enthusiastic, and usually prodigiously whiskered, master of ceremonies.

In a rare excursion to the provinces, the Players will be turning the Plaza Theatre, Romsey into a palace of Victorian entertainment for five nights from Tuesday.

Players' chairman, Dominic LeFoe, will be overseeing the festivities, with musical accompaniment from Derek Taverner.

* Tickets cost from £4.50. For more information, call the Romsey Heritage and Visitor Centre on 01794 512987.