A PRIMARY school in Basingstoke is facing closure because it cannot recruit any cleaners.

A letter has been sent to parents at the 385-pupil Chalk Ridge Primary School in Brighton Hill saying that unless the situation improves in the next few days "the governors have indicated that they would have no option but to consider closing the school".

The letter says that the toilets cannot be left uncleaned for one day "as this would create a serious health and hygiene hazard to children and staff".

It also asks parents if they would take on the jobs or if they know someone else who might.

Headteacher Derek Buckle told The Gazette: "We cannot go on much longer, but I am determined the school will stay open."

The staff and classroom assistants have been doing the cleaning for free since the school's two cleaners left for new jobs just before Christmas.

He said the posts had been advertised several times and in a vacancy bulletin sent to Hampshire schools, but had met with no response.

The school caretaker was also ill, which had added to the difficulty, he admitted.

He said: "We have sent out a letter to parents and hope they will understand.

"Members of the Parent Teacher Association have been very supportive."