Conceptual Interiors: Beatrice Royal Contemporary Art and Craft, until March 25

UNTIL a few years ago, self-expression in the home went no further than deciding whether to put the Mateus Rose lampshade on the telly or the sideboard.

In recent times, though, British living rooms have undergone a serious image makeover.

Where once they all used to resemble something out of Billy Liar, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen and co. have ensured the 21st century home is more in common with the Tate Modern than grim back-to-backs.

Conceptual Interiors, the latest exhibition at Beatrice Royal Contemporary Art and Craft, Eastleigh, taps into our living-space-as-concept obsession to offer some intriguing takes on the domestic environment in all its forms.

Jackson Pollock Sofa is the slightly comical title of David McKeran's painting - a life-size version in oil on canvas of a familiar two-seater, seemingly upholstered by the acclaimed 20th century master of abstract expressionism.

In his 1950s heyday, Pollock's controversial splashes were not only on show in art galleries, but also adorned wallpaper, breakfast bars and other household textiles in thousands of homes.

Dave Stephens takes his cue from the humble wasp, using wood chips and glue to mirror the little stinger's nest-building skills.

He makes the wood chips himself using discarded pieces of pine from builders' skips in Brighton.

"My pieces are life-size, so you can get involved with them," he says.

"They're almost intimate in some kind of way. You come across them in the same way you would meet a person."

David Williamson makes and designs furniture, using unexpected combinations of materials such as Velcro and wood or wool and metal.

* Conceptual Interiors is at Beatrice Royal Contemporary Art and Craft, on the outskirts of Eastleigh. The gallery is open seven days a week. For more information, call 023 8061 0603.