TODDLER Daniel Sargent has become one of Hampshire's youngest crime victims - after falling prey to nappy-nickers.

The thief struck after a bag of fresh nappies was left on the doorstep of his Totton home by delivery firm Cotton Bottoms. Daniel's mum Chris, of Salisbury Road, Totton, said: "Normally I'm home when the nappies are dropped off. But on this particular day the Cotton Bottoms delivery driver was late because his van had broken down.

"I couldn't wait in until the nappies arrived - and when I got home I was stunned to find that someone had stolen the clean nappies from my doorstep."

A Cotton Bottoms spokesman said: "It's unusual for nappies for be stolen.

"Sometimes they are taken in error by dustmen or charity collectors, but these were deliberately removed. We normally deliver very early in the morning, when there are very few people about.

"But on this occasion the driver had a problem with his vehicle and was delayed for about two hours."

The nappies were delivered in a cream-coloured bin liner and included approximately 40 white cotton squares and seven shaped cotton boosters.

Anyone with information about the theft should ring Totton police on 8033 5444.