FAREHAM planners last night voted unanimously to defer a decision over an 80-home development proposed for a county council-owned site in Southampton Road, Park Gate.

An officer from the county council's estates department made a deputation to the committee asking councillors to allow the development to go ahead despite concerns.

In what was described as an unprecedented move, he asked for the go-ahead so the county could access money from the site before the end of the financial year.

But his request was slammed by councillors, who remained deeply concerned about not only problems with the site design but also the development's impact on the surrounding area.

Councillor Jack Englefield said: "It is about time the county was a bit more responsible to the social structure and not to their coffers."

There were also considered to be problems with the design of the site. The provision of suitable social housing and access to the site were also raised by councillors, who refused to be rushed into a decision.

Thamesway Homes Ltd wants to build the homes on the site next to Collingworth Rise and Lower Duncan Road.

But Councillor Hugh Pritchard said: "Just because we know that our colleagues in the county are anxious that this should be dealt with quickly does not mean that we should say this should get the go-ahead - it is not satisfactory."

A decision was deferred until the next meeting of the planning committee.