EEF SOUTH'S World Class Performance (WCP) Unit and South-East regional business Links have been awarded funding from SEEDA (the South East England Development Agency) to help hi-tech engineering businesses embrace the concept of e-business.

Bringing together the concepts of supply-chain management, lean manufacturing and e-business into a single coherent package, the programme will utilise skills from both EEF South's WCP and from Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) Advisers working within the regional business links.

The concept is to focus consultancy, training and support on to 20 companies (typically with turnovers of greater than £15m) to enable them to benefit from improvements in their value chain and the benefits from e-business, which can then be propagated to their supply partners.

Each participant business will receive intensive support from EEF South's WCP team, along with expert e-business advice from professionals working within the various regional Business Links.

A nominal cost for participation has been set at £1,500.