A HAMPSHIRE youth centre working to bring young people off the streets and help them achieve their dreams is in desperate need of equipment.

The Genesis youth centre in Locks Heath opened more than three years ago and offers youngsters a place to relax and take part in numerous activities.

But youth worker Maggie Morgan says the Centre Way club needs more equipment and furniture if it is to continue to help young people.

"A lot of effort has gone into building up the music studio for practising and recording, but it is the other elements we are trying to establish to get young people off the streets and in the centre."

She said a caf for young people was being set up, but still needed kitchen equipment to ensure the after-school facility would be able to attract young people.

The centre has arranged for satellite television to be installed but only has a portable television to watch it on, and because of council rules is unable to accept used equipment.

But it does not have the cash to buy the television or the portable stereos and musical instruments that it needs to meet the demands it faces.

Mrs Morgan said: "We are under quite a lot of pressure because of the large area we serve. People ask us why we are not doing anything about young people hanging around, which we are, but we have got limited funds."

The centre is being backed by Swanwick Lions Club, which has been raising money for it, but chairman Richard Mitchell explained that fundraising alone would not be able to meet the costs.

He said: "The club is an important youth project within the area and attracts many local youths through its doors. To remain popular it needs attractions.

"All the time it is popular kids are entertained in a safe environment and more importantly their energy is channelled towards worthwhile activities."

* If anyone can help with electrical equipment, sofas or kitchen equipment, contact the centre on 01489 578997.