TWO teenagers left a £6,000 cleaning up bill after going on a drunken rampage on two industrial estates in Eastleigh, targeting buses, lorries and offices.

One was said to have knocked back 13 or 14 pints of beer before embarking on the orgy of destruction.

Matthew Jewell, prosecuting at Southampton Crown Court, described how Kieron Brosnan, 18, and Rory O'Connor, 19, had used bus escape hammers to smash windows and damage doors.

They attacked four Solent Blue Line buses, office windows, a car and commercial vehicles in the Chicken-hall Lane area.

Even after their arrest, Brosnan threw a hammer through the window of a police car.

The pair suffered cuts to their hands, arms and elbows committing the vandalism.

Ben Compton, representing Brosnan, said: "They were completely out of control. He had drunk 13 or 14 pints. It almost beggars belief that people can behave in this way."

Brosnan, of Southampton Road, Eastleigh, pleaded guilty to 12 charges of causing damage and one of an unrelated charge of burgling the office of a nursing home where he got away with £70 in cash. He was sent to a young offenders' institution for 18 months.

O'Connor, of Woodpecker Way, Eastleigh, admitted 11 charges of damage and was put behind bars for 12 months. Both were said to have previous convictions.

Judge Jane Bonvin told them: "This was a disgraceful series of offences when you completely lost control and caused damage and inconvenience to people and businesses. A custodial sentence is inevitable. You have bad records for your age.''

Mr Compton said Brosnan was thoroughly ashamed of his conduct and apologised to the victims. The proceedings, he added, had been a "constant worry" not only to himself but also his mother.

Mark Sullivan, defending O'Connor, said the pair had been drinking and were equally responsible. "He is a troubled young man with a difficult past."