Today's Principal Arrivings:
Today's principal Southampton arrivals: Magic, refrigerat, 0630, 104; Autopride, vehicle carrier, 0730, 105; Hyundai Admiral, container, 1130, 205; Autofreighter, vehicle carrier, AM, 201 link; Sant Lucia, refrigerat, AM, 101W; Celtic King, container, 1530, 206W; Bow cliffe, general, PM, 47.

Today's Principal Sailings:
Today's principal Southampton sailings: Nordsee, container, 0200, 204E; La Rochelle Express, container, 0400, 204W; HMS Portugal, container, 1100, 207E; Santa Lucia, refrigerat, AM, 101E; Canadian Ace II, vehicle carrier, 1200, 202; Union Arbo, container, 1200, 108; Medea, vehicle carrier, 1700, 34/35; Anna Prima, bulk, PM, 47; Autofreighter, vehicle carrier, PM, 201 link; Autopride, vehicle carrier, PM, 105; Bowcliffe, general, PM, 46; Magic, refrigerat, PM, 104; Talisman, vehicle carrier, PM, 43; Sea Crusader, military, TBA, Marchwood.

Tommorrow's Principal Arrivings:
Today's Esso Fawley and BP movements: Arrivals: Mutitank Calabria, AM, Esso 9; Audacity, PM, Esso; Bro Transporter, PM, Esso 1; Omegagas, PM, Esso 8; Vitta Theresa, PM, Esso 3.Sailings: Alsterstern, PM, Esso 3; Catherine Knutsen, PM, Esso 5; Eberhard, PM, Esso 3; Posavina, PM, Esso 4.

Positions of ships at Noon today:
Positions of ships at noon today. Eastern Docks: 34/35 Medea 42 Calshot Western Docks: 101W Santa Lucia 104 Magic 105 Autopride Container Port: 201 link Autofreighter 202 Canadian Ace II 205 Hyundai Admiral 206W Celtic King