HAMPSHIRE have confirmed they will be seeking a new chairman following the resignation of Brian Ford - a story broken by yesterday's Daily Echo.

Following yesterday's revelation that Ford was on the brink of stepping down, the club issued a statement which said: "Hampshire have confirmed the receipt of a letter from county chairman Brian Ford stating that, due to pressure of business, he feels unable to carry on in his position.

"Mr Ford has been chairman for five-and-a-half years and the Hampshire committee will be considering this matter in depth at various meetings to be held in the coming days and an announcement about the successor as chairman will be made in due course."

Ford's decision comes in the run-up to Hampshire's relocation to their new HQ at West End, but it is thought that his resignation will not jeopardise the club's chances in pinning down a naming rights sponsor.

One insider said: "All the senior officers of the club are involved at some stage.

"It is very much a contacts thing and, although he was involved in negotiations with some companies, we have all been involved and other people are capable of taking over those negotiations."

The Hampshire committee will meet tomorrow but Ford's replacement will not be decided then as the matter will have to go to a full vote of members.

l Hampshire are offering the chance to replenish your lawn with a bit of history during their closing down sale on Saturday.

Among the items Hampshire are offering for sale is lawn turf from the outfield at £3 per square metre, described as "weedless" by marketing manager Mike Taylor.

"The ground staff have retrieved all sorts of things from the pavilion and other buildings and anybody wanting a souvenir should come along," said Taylor.