HUGE metal containers dumped outside houses at Holbury have been branded an eyesore and a danger to children.

Five steel boxes 7ft high and 20ft long have been left on a grass verge separating Whitefield Road and Faircross Close.Residents say children have been climbing and playing on top of them.

Protesters include Doug Blake, of Faircross Close, who said: "The district council has put the boxes in such an obvious place.

"They're a terrible eyesore and should be tucked away somewhere less obtrusive. They are also a potential hazard to local children, who leap from one to the other and then jump off the top."

A council spokesman said the containers were full of replacement uPVC windows that would be fitted to homes in the area.

He added: "Unfortunately things like this always attract children."There's not a lot we can do about that, other than ask parents to try to keep their youngsters away from the site."