BRIGHTLY painted murals will be adorning empty shops in an area of Southampton, thanks to the city's schoolchildren.

Youngsters from St Mary's CE Primary School and Northam School took part in a workshop to create the murals which will feature along St Mary Street this summer.

Their ideas, which reflected the theme of generations, were then incorporated into large murals by professional artists Charlotte Bracegirdle and Marilyn Allen.

Now the paintings are hanging on two empty shop fronts in the street to brighten up the area which is due to have extensive work done to it as part of the regeneration of the St Mary's area.

Vicar of St Mary's the Rev Angus Aagaard said: "The idea is that the murals will improve the street before the redevelopment starts and help make it look bright and cheerful. Hopefully we will be able to find a permanent home for them at a later date."

The two murals will be joined by two photographic displays at either end of the street which will feature children holding old and new objects to carry on the theme of the generations.

Northam School pupil Ashley Bunting, ten, said he really enjoyed taking part in creating the mural.

"It was fun and I am proud to see it up now. I will be bringing my mum down to see it," he said.

The project was funded by the Southampton Regeneration Partnership and Southampton Millennium Trust.

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