THE MAN behind the controversial Marchwood incinerator has accused local pressure groups of misinformation.

The Environment Agency is considering the application by Onyx (Hampshire) Ltd to build the £30 million energy-from-waste incinerator at Marchwood Indus-trial Park.

But project director John Collis says that groups such as Burners Out of Marchwood (BOOM) and Communities Against Toxics (CATS) are deliberately exaggerating the ill effects of the proposals in a bid to hit the headlines.

Burners Out of Marchwood has accused waste bosses of ignoring fears that pollution levels could be dangerous for Marchwood residents.

They have also criticised waste bosses for not including army traffic in their research into the impact of the plans on local roads.

John Collis told the Daily Echo: "There is a lot of misinformation circulated by pressure groups. What they are trying to do is generate an issue when there isn't one.

"When I presented the health risk assessment results at the last meeting I had no questions on it.

"But they are trying to distribute their information to a wider audience. They are just looking at extremes."

Allison Hoare of BOOM said: "His view is that he is doing Hampshire a great service but he is doing it to make money. He is always going to put the incinerator in the best possible light but incinerators are not as safe as people make out."

The Environment Agency is expected to announce its decision in June. Onyx (Hampshire) Ltd will submit their planning application in March.

John Collis said he and Hampshire County Council waste manager Richard Read will hold another public meeting in April, though a date has yet to be decided.

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