CARS in Southampton were stopped to have their pollution levels check ed in a bid to improve air quality in the city.

The Vehicle Inspectorate, in partnership with the city council, carried out random checks on cars at Redbridge roundabout.

Of the 250 cars stopped, two drivers were served with notices ordering them to take their vehicles to a garage straight away. Several others were advised to have work carried out on their cars to reduce dangerous emissions.

More random checks will be carried out throughout the city in March.

Councillor Paul Jenks said: "Air pollution is something that we cannot see and so often do not worry about, but poor air quality affects everyone's health.

"It is estimated that ten per cent of vehicles can cause up to 70 per cent of all traffic pollution in the city, so if people drive a car that they suspect is not running efficiently they should take it to a garage to get it checked out. This is a fundamental first step in improving air quality in the city for everyone."

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