A Hedge End Guide Unit, which faced closure because of a leadership crisis, has won a reprieve.

There were fears that St Valentine's Day could have been the last meeting for the 3rd Hedge End Guides.

Guide chiefs went on radio to make an SOS for leaders and thousands of leaflets were put through letterboxes in the Hedge End area.

Now what could have been St Valentine tears have turned to tears of joy for the Guides, whose leadership crisis was spotlighted by the Daily Echo.

District commissioner Christine Fountain said: "We have definitely got ourselves a new leader for the unit and it will not be closing."

Following the Daily Echo story there were also more offers of help, which is hoped will help with the leadership situation in the district and division.

And the 3rd Hedge End Guides soon had an opportunity to celebrate the unit's new lease of life.

"On the very eve of the day that the unit was going to close the Guides won the cup in the division netball cup," said Christine.

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