HANNAH Foster's parents today hope to hand a letter to the man suspected of her murder, in which they plead with him to stop opposing Indian extradition proceedings.

Hilary and Trevor Foster plan to visit the Tihar Prison in Delhi, where Maninder Pal Singh Kohli has been held since his arrest 18 months ago.

It is yet another difficult event the couple have had to face during their week-long trip to India, in which they have come face-to-face with the man suspected of their daughter Hannah's killing.

Mrs Foster said she was "shattered" after the highly-charged court hearing, where they saw Kohli in person yesterday.

Breaking down as she and her husband were driven back to their hotel in a van after another gruelling day in Delhi, Mrs Foster was visibly drained as she dropped her head onto her hands.

"We are simply exhausted. Completely shattered. It has been a very difficult day," she said.

Describing the moment she first saw the man identified as the prime suspect in her daughter's killing, Mrs Foster said:

"I breathed in and turned my head completely around to see him. Then all of a sudden his eyes met mine. For a moment we looked straight at each other, and then he looked away.

"For a brief moment I felt better because I had done it, but then it got worse. I was shaking and had my eyes tightly closed."

Kohli was then seated just a couple of feet from the couple as the hearing got under way.

Kohli has been regularly appearing in court to face extradition proceedings as the authorities make efforts to bring him back to the UK for questioning in connection with the alleged rape and murder of Hannah, 17, in March 2003.

The couple returned to India this week to meet justice chiefs and draw attention to the protracted proceedings.

The couple have written to the prime minister and president of India and asked them to put pressure on the courts to bring the process to an end.

Mrs Foster has also personally written to Kohli, asking him to halt his opposition to the proceedings so that he can be brought back to the UK and face the justice system.

During yesterday's hearing the Fosters were also told of Kohli's defence lawyer's intention to serve a contempt of court writ opposing their writing letters to heads of the justice system. They have been asking for their intervention to help speed up the the legal process in India.

Undeterred, the couple delivered a letter to the High Court yesterday and plan to deliver the letter to Kohli today through the guard in charge of his security.

"We want to hand it in personally. We know what part of the prison he is in and plan to give it to the guard in charge."

Further meetings with India high commission chiefs and justice officials this week are also planned by the Fosters.