Sir.-Can I deduce from the comments made by your Old Basing Community News correspondent, Cyril Mullett, that he was not altogether impressed by possibly one of the oldest traditions in this country - that of dancing in the dawn on May Day?

Morris sides throughout the kingdom guard this tradition, the origins of which are lost in the mists of time.

In answer to Mr Mullett's comments, the festivities actually began at 5.33am, and the "loud music" was provided by one melodeon, a recorder and a tambourine (hardly a heavy metal band!).

There were actually 24 spectators - not the paltry five as reported - none of whom were related to any of the dancers or musicians, and the weather, although not perfect, was a steady drizzle, not pouring with rain.

We must admit, however, to throwing our sticks in the air!

For Hook Eagle Morris and those who came to watch, a thoroughly good time was had by all, topped off with an excellent breakfast courtesy of the Crown. How often do you see a bar full at 6am?

Next time we are performing in Basing, which is on Boxing Day, I hope Mr Mullett will come along and witness the perfor-mance first hand.

We wish you all a pleasant summer.

-Dave John, dancer.