SAINTS will receive £100,000 from Arsenal for every first team appearance Theo Walcott makes for the forseeable future.

It was revealed over the weekend that the Gunners are committed to five £1m installments every time the teenager makes 10 first team starts.

Five substitute appearances - however, long or short they are - equal one start.

Saints received a £5m downpayment from Arsenal as part of a potential £12m deal last January.

Another £2m comes after Walcott has made 20 competitive England starts.

If the Gunners sell him before he plays 20 games, they must pay Saints £150,000 per international until he reaches that figure.

Walcott, meanwhile, is NOT related to West Indian cricketing legend Sir Clyde Walcott.

Who said he was? Theo's dad, Don, last week - Don repeating the family link he first told the Daily Echo in February 2005.

Who said he isn't? Well, none other than Sir Clyde himself!

Don said last week: "Sir Clyde is my dad's cousin and we're quite a sporty family."

But, speaking from his home in Barbados at the weekend, Sir Clyde revealed: "He's not family or anything like that.

"He's definitely not a relative."

Meanwhile, Sven-Goran Eriksson admits his idea to pick Walcott, above, was met by a stunned silence from his England coaches.

He told coaches Steve McClaren and ex-Saint Sammy Lee about his plan during a telephone conference.

Eriksson said: "There was silence at the other end. Sammy and Steve can't say anything because they have never seen him play."

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