BASINGSTOKE Baptist Church: The soup kitchen menu offered lamb broth, leek and celery soup and tomato and basil soup at lunchtime on Tuesday, May 2.

People voted for a full cooked meal once a month, but we will have to wait.

Soup and a sweet are served each Tuesday from 12.30pm.

On May 2, at the church, it was time to enjoy Ron's cabaret act.

It was his birthday, so we wished him a happy birthday.

He explained that he began playing the guitar in 1950, with a London band.

Ron was born in Wimbledon and attended a church school in Highbury. He recalls his headmaster wearing a blue trilby and being a fine pianist.

In the Second World War, Ron became an apprentice engineer in a factory, and in 1944 was called up to join the Royal Signals.

Later, Ron came to Basingstoke in connection with the "Skilled Worker Scheme" and was employed by a local firm in the tool room.

As a hobby, he appreciated music and subsequently learned to play the guitar.

Ron is interested in the history of the United States, tracing the arrival in America of people from France, Portugal, Spain and Britain.

President Lincoln's policy supported uniting the states of north and south. However, prosperous states in the south rebelled against the president's policy.

Ron continues to play the guitar and entertain with songs, for example Rambling Cowboy.

We were able to sing along happily to Bless you for Being an Angel and Home on the Range.