AN investigation was continuing today into allegations that Army recruits were forced to inhale CS gas at a Hampshire base.

A video obtained by a national newspaper shows soldiers apparently being placed into a sealed chamber while onlookers laugh and joke.

One recruit seems to become disorientated and vomit after breathing the gas.

The newspaper claims that an instructor used his mobile phone to take the footage at the Sir John Moore Barracks, the Army Training Regiment's base in Winchester.

It is the second blow for the barracks in three days.

On Friday one of Britain's most highly decorated soldiers was fined £1,000 for mistreating recruits there.

Colour Sergeant Christopher Broome, 37, of the 1st Battalion the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment, admitted eight charges of ill-treating recruits and one of battery.

Broome, who won the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, second only to the Victoria Cross, forced eight young recruits to eat dust, candle wax, boot polish and string. He also struck Private Simon Ikins twice on the head.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said that the Royal Military Police Special Investigation Branch would be investigating the CS gas video.

He added: "The Army takes all allegations of harassment and discrimination very seriously. Abuse leads to the erosion of discipline and team spirit, which are essential elements in operational scenarios."

A military source said that recruits were routinely exposed to CS gas for about 20 seconds as part of their training, to improve their tolerance.