A SCHEME to build a roundabout at a dangerous Wellow road junction has been slammed by a resident living nearby.

Jayne Reed claims a roundabout won't stop accidents happening at the junction of Whinwhistle Road and the notorious A36 Salisbury-to- Southampton trunk road.

"I personally don't feel a roundabout is the right solution. I would prefer traffic lights.

"Having experienced problems at the Canada roundabout with lorries, I don't see how it would make a difference at Whinwhistle Road junction," said Jayne.

She pointed out that since the installation of speed cameras along the A36 at Wellow, she was not aware of any serious accidents at Whinwhistle corner.

"I have lived here for 16 years. If they cannot put traffic lights there they could make it a no right turn," said Jayne.

Wellow resident and Hampshire's Romsey Extra division member Roy Perry said that people should be fully consulted about the Whinwhistle junction proposals before the final decision is made.

The Department for Transport is "well ahead" with its plans for the second roundabout along the A36 at Wellow - this time at Whinwhistle junction, said Mr Perry.

Mr Perry said: "So far, little in the way of proper consultation had been carried out with residents or representatives of local authorities.

"There should be full consultation with local people so that whatever form of roundabout, if any, is put in place at Whinwhistle, it is recognised that the A36 is both a trunk road and a village high street and respects the needs of local people," added Mr Perry.

He also attacked those responsible for looking after the Canada roundabout.

Mr Perry said the roundabout had been neglected by highway authorities. Important landscape work, which should have been done when the roundabout was build some years ago, was still not completed.

"I get the impression that we have a government that is spiralling out of control and not just the Home Office.

"It's difficult to work out who is responsible for this sorry highways mess on the A36 but it is clear that present system is not working properly.

"The Canada Road roundabout improvements undoubtedly cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

"But once the work was completed the contractors left and nobody seems to accept proper responsibility for landscaping and maintenance," said Mr Perry.