A CONGREGATION prayed for justice for Hannah Foster last night as the alleged murder victim was remembered in their prayers.

At the service at Highfield Church in Southampton a bronze statue was also unveiled by the Rev Graham Archer in memory of the 17-year-old who died in 2003.

Entitled Spirit of Youth, the 18in statue on a wooden plinth shows a dancing girl in tribute to Hannah who was a talented dancer.

Commissioned by Cantell School, where Hannah was a pupil, the statue was designed and made by Laura Boage, assisted by Christian Carter of the Winchester School of Art. Laura said that although it only took her a few weeks to design the finished statue took two years to complete.

It was unveiled to a packed church whose congregation included Hannah's parents, Hilary and Trevor Foster and her younger sister Sarah.

Rev Archer led prayers for Hannah and her family, which also included a prayer for the criminal process.

He led the congregation in praying for a swift conclusion to extradition proceedings involving prime suspect Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, who was arrested in India in July 2004 on suspicion of Hannah's murder.

The statue was then placed at a window at the back of the church.

Rev Archer said the spot was significant as it is where floral tributes to Hannah were placed following her death.

A description of the statue was mounted on a wall nearby and read: "Hannah was a much admired and respected student, bright, friendly intelligent and caring: not only towards her fellow students but also her love and respect for the world we live in. As a talented dancer herself, this figure brimming with energy and grace is designed to be an inspiration to other young people."

It was one of the first times Mr and Mrs Foster had been to the church since Hannah's funeral. Mrs Foster described the service as emotional for the pair and particularly for their daughter Sarah.

Kohli, a former sandwhich delivery driver from Portswood, remains in custody in India where he is contesting extradition proceedings to bring him to Britain. It is hoped they are now reaching a conclusion.