JAMAICAN born Pearline Hingston wants tighter border controls and for Britain "restore its status" as a global trading nation within the Commonwealth.

The UKIP candidate came by ship to Southampton aged 11 to start a new life in the UK with her parents.

She grew up in Bradford and gained a master of education degree at Leeds University in 1994.

Mrs Hingston went on to teach in further and higher education institutions in the UK, at high schools in Jamaica, and has worked as a radio presenter and producer.

She moved back to Southampton nine years ago with her husband Colin. She now works at the Princess Anne Hospital.

Despite returning to Jamaica for a spell during the 1980s Mrs Hingston says England feels more like home.

She is campaigning for British laws to be made in the Westminster Parliament, not Brussels, and for Britain to "regain control of its borders" and to "restore its status as a global trading nation with the Commonwealth".

Mrs Hingston says she will fight for those earning less than £10,000 to be exempt from paying income tax and to support those facing discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace She will campaign for retired people to gave a decent pension and to tackle antisocial behaviour through the home, schools and social services.

She wants more people with "honesty and integrity", from diverse backgrounds, to sit at Westminster.