MUM About Town is on the move this week. We have packed up, boxed up and moved out of our lovely house that we have called home for eight years.

Bit of a wrench really as it has been the only home Ben has known and at the risk of getting a bit misty eyed it holds lots of lovely memories of our blossoming little family.

Admittedly some I would rather forget, trying to rock him to sleep in his Moses basket with my foot because I was too dog tired to even sit up. Climbing up and down the stairs at ridiculous times of night because bizarrely the motion of going up and down seemed to soothe him to sleep and of course his first ever stomping up the stairs and slamming of the door as he vented his fury at not being allowed chocolate at ten past nine in the morning.

Ah happy days indeed. I will miss our home though, not least his nursery which his dad and I lovingly painted and furnished in preparation for our precious bundle. The move also prompted a bit of a sort through where we found all his baby clothes that had been put away just in case. I can’t believe how tiny he was, diddy little dungarees and Babygros that I remember wrestling with the poppers of in the wee small hours as yet another nappy explosion had landed.

It took me ages to go through the lot as I found myself stroking the various booties and sleepsuits and thinking how at the time it all seemed so hard and how I probably didn’t appreciate how lucky I was that he had not yet learnt the word ‘no’.