MUM About Town is at it again! Not content with one little bundle of joy, I am really pleased to report that Ben Mark Two is on the cards.

Well, more than on the cards – he/she is currently doing very well jumping up and down on my bladder.

All seems to be going well, which is great news although I am right royally knackered.

I was bemoaning this the other day, wondering if it was because I was several years on from my last attempt, when it was pointed out to me that last time around I did not have a demanding three-year-old running around my ankles.

I do have some vague recollection of being able to sit down whenever I wanted, and maybe there was a relaxing bath thrown in there from time to time.

The nearest I get now to a long soak is Ben’s bathtime, when he likes to experiment with water displacement.

Tiredness aside, I can’t complain, although I do frequently. We had the scan done the other day and although we could have found out ‘the brand’, as a friend of mine described it, we were adamant we wanted a surprise on the day.

After all that work I’d like to have something by way of news at the end of it.

Having said that, I am pretty sure it’s another boy.

I say this for a number of reasons, the first being that would just be my luck!

The more compelling bit of evidence, however, came during the aforementioned scan.

We had the opportunity to have a 3-D picture taken, owing to me being on one of the many trials they do at the Women’s Survey study department at Princess Anne.

Having never had anything other than the black and white image where you can vaguely make out a head and, maybe a hand or... is that the cord..who knows... I was quite looking forward to hopefully seeing the face of my unborn child.

All hope was dashed however, as the sonographer disappointedly said: “I don’t think it is going to do as it’s told today”. On the screen it was clear this was the case as the unmistakable shape of a 3-D bottom appeared.

A boy and no mistake, I thought.

Despite excessive amounts of wiggling and jiggling to try to persuade it to smile for the camera, the best I got was a shoulder shot. Thanks very much.

It probably marks the start of a long career in mooning.