WE have all heard about the Ugly Duckling and the Elephant Man but how about the Ugly Horse?

Poor Diego was born with a bent face and an undershot jaw, which will cost £4,000 to put right.

The five-week-old foal suffers from the rare wry nose syndrome, which affects long-faced animals and distorts their appearance.

But owner Janey Biddlecombe, 33, and her six-year-old daughter Maddison ignored advice from their vet to put him down. They insist that his unusual looks should not condemn him.

They are hoping to find somebody who knows about the condition in a bid to help the youngster.

Janey, said: “Some people say give him a chance but others say he should be put down just because of the way he looks. But he is doing incredibly well.”

Diego and Maddison have formed an inseparable bond at the pony’s field at Redbridge Lane, in Southampton.

The schoolgirl, said: “I don’t think he is ugly at all. I love him.”

But the family from Poole accepts that the colt could have problems eating grass and, if that is the case, they will have to take action.

“He is real fighter but even if we do lose him, at least he knows he was loved, cuddled and kissed,” said Janey.

If you can help, call Janey on 07817 772070.

Sarah Hartland