ANOTHER week, another stone! Actually it’s not all that bad, while I feel like I am eating as often as I breath in and out the bumpage is not all that impressive.

I am just at that generally bigger stage without anyone feeling compelled to rise from their seats and offer me their chair in case they think I have just let myself go a bit.

Anyway, podginess aside all is well on the maternity front. Early starts with Ben though are no picnic I can tell you, feeling every minute he is up at the moment.

We have told him about the imminent arrival of a small person that is set to blow his world apart, and he seems to have taken it well. The prospect of the world ceasing to revolve around him, and the need for him to accommodate another person in his universe has gone down without a fight.

Having said that I don’t think he has fully grasped the impact of having a brother or sister around, and that mummy will not be able to drop everything in order to make a tent out of a duvet or get on her hands and knees and push motorbikes around an imaginary track.

He has been super sweet about it however, telling me I am getting bigger, pointing out I am wearing the same trousers as yesterday…what a love. I actually went away for a couple of days last week (Isle of Wight festival – doing it sober was an experience!) and on my return one of the first questions he asked me was whether I had had the baby yet.

Oh if only it were that simple. It then became apparent that he had no idea what the whole process entailed and that I would be walking through the door with more than a bag of washing and hair in need of a shampoo.

The other night he was a little gem though. While we were tucked up reading a story, my favourite bit of the day, he accidentally elbowed my tummy leading to a quick reminder on the precious package that was inside. He looked a little upset, then lifted up my top stared at my belly button and said: “Sorry baby” and patted my tum. Maybe he wont make a bad big brother after all.