THESE shocking pictures show the horrific burns suffered by a Hampshire grandmother after drain unblocker exploded in her face.

What should have been a simple household chore turned into a terrifying nightmare for Sheila Insch as she was sprayed with sulphuric acid.

Now B&Q, where Sheila brought Extreme Green’s Dr Drain, has withdrawn it from all their stores and trading standards have launched an investigation into the product.

Just seconds after pouring two drops of the solution into the kitchen sink at her B&B, the toxic chemicals came shooting back up through the plughole, scorching her.

Doctors say it was only her quick-thinking that “saved her face”, which her daughter Gwen Vincent describes was “melting” before her eyes.

Dangers Speaking to the Daily Echo as she recovers at her Netley home, the grandma-of-ten wants to warn others of the dangers when using these products and is demanding manufacturers put clearer warnings on labels.

Before using the product, Sheila, who runs Telemark House in Sellwood Road, Netley Abbey, with her two daughters, read the instructions, noted that it may bubble, wore gloves and used just two drops.

Sheila said: “It was a terrible nightmare. One second it was bubbling, then the next second it had exploded like a bomb.

“My immediate thought was to protect my eyes. All I can remember is the terrible burning and the horrendous fumes.

“It was horrific but I knew I had to keep splashing my face with water all the way to the hospital and not to put my hands to my face because that would burn them too. The doctors told me I had saved my face."

Sheila was rushed to Southampton General Hospital by her daughter Gwen, but due to the severe nature of her second-degree burns she was transferred to the specialist burns unit at Salisbury Odstock Hospital, where she stayed for three days.

Doctors told Sheila if she had screamed, kept her eyes open or failed to keep her burns wet, she would have lost her sight, suffered internal injuries and been scarred for life.

Daily Echo: My face melted when drain cleaner exploded

Rodney Donmall, head chemist for Extreme Green Limited, told the Daily Echo they were helping Trading Standards with their investigations but insists if used correctly Dr Drain is safe and carries sufficient warnings.

He added: “It clearly states that this product will react violently if it is in contact with other products and I would suspect there was something else down her drain for it to react in such a way.

“Incidents like this are very rare.”